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Host interactive online events
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offering the worlds leading Virtual Event Platforms.

World's Smartest Virtual & Hybrid Event Platform
The Virtual Event team have extensive experience in hosting virtual events with some of the worlds leading online conference, online seminar, online meeting platforms available!
Live conferences and expos, the lifeblood of communication, showcasing products, brainstorming and networking, were thought to be a thing of the past during Covid 19, but this is not so, as shown by the emergence of effective Online Conference and Online Event options. We can now use digital technology to enhance the event experience by providing an alternate solution.
There are a number of differences to the multiple standard online meetings that are held on different virtual event platforms and we have carefully reviewed, selected and mastered some of the leading global platforms.
Without a doubt, virtual events and online exhibitions have transformed many of the live events as we know them today. See how we can level up your next event experience.

Some of the great virtual Event differentiators are:

Customised event branding

Customise your event software features to your own requirements and have your brand seen across all platforms.

sponsorship opportunities

Create different sponsorship packages by utilising the virtual software solutions to more effectively monetize your events.

Exhibitor Functionality

Allow exhibitors to showcase their products, manage their profiles and gather leads during an event.

Mobile apps

The ideal hybrid event software tool allowing networking and session engagement while an attendee is on the go!

Attendees can:
• Access virtual sessions and booths.
• Conduct one – on – One video meetings and chats.
• Join tables and participate in networking lounge meetings.


Gathering attendee data is crucial to establish ROI and event success. Each platform has its pro’s and con’s and your dedicated success manager will recommend the correct platform for you or your client.

How can our virtual event platforms help you with your next event?


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