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Virtual Event

Virtual Event offers the easiest, most comprehensive, most cost-effective online conference, online seminar , online meeting platform available!

Live conferences and expos, the lifeblood of communication, showcasing products, brainstorming and networking, were thought to be a thing of the past, but this is not so, as shown by the emergence of effective Online Conference and Online Event Solutions. Virtual Event, a proudly South African enterprise, has partnered with Indian based Hubilo, backed by a diligent team specialising in the event technology space, and having powered over 500 events to date.

How is it different?

There are a number of differences to the multiple standard online meetings that are held on free service platforms and these are just some of the unique features of Virtual Event’s platform.

The essential difference is the many ways that people can get to identify themselves and those they really want to meet properly, and then the various additional features that enable different types of meeting situations, Real-Time online engagement and the promotion of products.

Meeting corridors

Meeting corridors at an online event or online exhibition can be set up like a real event or expo enabling profile set-up, ticket purchasing and  limited  access.

Hosting virtual seminars

There is an added advantage in enabling what would typically have been a once-off live speaker event to be accessed and played at leisure. You can also host a virtual seminar with live Q and A and conduct live polling.


Large scale networking can be conducted, just as with real live events. Attendees can engage each other sending meeting requests, instant messaging chats and exchange virtual business cards. Many great features make extensive networking possible like 1 on 1 chat both privately and in sessions and networking lounges. 

Virtual booths for sponsors 

As with any exhibition, sponsors have opportunities to show and market their wares. Virtual booths provide sponsors and exhibitors with an online space to sell their product or service by hosting videos, product collateral and other details. 

The way of the future

Without a doubt, these virtual events and online exhibitions will gradually transform many of the live events as we know them today. Think of the savings of travel, time and set up costs when a virtual alternative is equally as effective.

Virtual Event bring you an excellent platform offering everything required to stage your next online event or exhibition.

Watch the below video to see how easily it is to host a successful and memorable virtual event

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