Host interactive
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Host interactive online events
World's Smartest
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World's Smartest Virtual & Hybrid Event Platform
All in one

for Virtual & Hybrid events

All in one platform for Virtual & Hybrid events
Virtual Event brings you the easiest, most comprehensive, most cost-effective online conference, online seminar, online meeting platform available!

Live conferences and expos, the lifeblood of communication, showcasing products, brainstorming and networking, were thought to be a thing of the past, but this is not so, as shown by the emergence of effective Online Conference and Online Event Solutions.

Virtual Event, a proudly South African enterprise, partnered with Indian based Hubilo, specialising in the event technology space, and having powered over 5000 events to date to bring you the World’s Smartest Virtual & Hybrid Event Platform.

Where Experience and Intelligence meet.


There are a number of differences to the multiple standard online meetings that are held on some other platforms and these are just some of the unique features of Virtual Event’s platform.

The essential differences enable Events organisers, sponsors and attendees to have more flexibility, more opportunities and all round better networking capabilities. Candidates can more easily identify themselves and those they want to meet and utilise various additional features, like real time online engagement to enable different types of meeting situations.


Without a doubt, virtual events and online exhibitions will gradually transform many of the live events as we know them today. See how we can level up your event experience!


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Some of the great virtual Event differentiators are:

Unique Event Branding

Customise events software features to your own requirements to have your brand seen across all platforms.

Ample sponsorship opportunities

Create different sponsorship packages by utilising hybrid software solutions to more effectively monetize your events.

Advanced Exhibitor dashboard

Exhibitor leads are rapidly retrieved through this advanced system which allows exhibitors to showcase their products and analyse their profiles.

Accessible Mobile App

Perfectly suited to online events, this easy to access hybrid software tool allows networking and session engagement while an attendee is on the go!

Superior Management System

You are guided to swiftly transfer to any online event with the high tech V.E. management system and a dedicated support Manager.

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