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maximise your Virtual Event platform

5 ways to maximise your Virtual Event platform at a global conference

One of the greatest advantages of holding virtual events is that you have a far greater global reach. Even when an event is held live the way of the future will be hybrid events, combining the facilities of the live event and a Virtual event platform.

For South African Events co-ordinators, this evolution of virtual events has opened up literally a ‘whole new world’ of opportunities, as you can now engage with global event organisers to become part of their events.

These are five ways you can maximise your Virtual Event platform at a global conference…

1. Drive-up sponsorship and show R.O.I

A critical thing from your client’s point of view will be to get sponsors on board and ultimately to be able to show their R.O.I. With a Virtual Event platform, at branded and designed booths, sponsors can showcase their products through demonstrations and enable meetings on the expo floor. R.O.I can be actualised by knowing the numbers of visitors to the booth, engagement and leads generated.

2. Increase engagement through one-on-one meetings and networking 

Through one-on-one video meetings, chats, networking and breakout rooms Event organisers can drive attendee engagement in a virtual setting. There are multiple avenues and opportunities to connect.

3. Host events and speaker sessions

Multiple events and keynote speaker sessions can be virtually held and with Virtual Event live, pre-recorded and hybrid sessions are all supported. A great feature is the engagement of attendees through live Q&A sessions and polls and the organiser can collate and measure feedback and reactions too.

4. Exhibitors insight into attendance

A great advantage to exhibitors is that they can customise their booths and maximise their exposure through adding marketing materials like banners, videos and more. They can also assign teams to man the virtual booths who will engage attendees through having one to one meetings, showcasing demos etc.

5. Matchmaking attendees and sponsors

One of the greatest advantages of utilising the Virtual Event platform at a large-scale global event is that attendees can be matched with sponsors in terms of likes and dislikes, suitability, interest and requirements etc. This means that it is unlikely that any meeting match up will be missed.

Virtual Event can change the way your business operates

As an Events organiser, you simply cannot afford to miss the massive opportunities that lie with hosting large scale global events. With the Virtual Event platform, you are able to do it. To find out more simply talk to us, we are more than happy to help put our South African Events Co-ordinators on the map internationally.

Stay safe – and stay virtual!



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