Hubilo developed what has been named  the smartest Virtual Event platform globally and has partnered with proudly South African company, Pace Digital, to bring you the swift platform which manages the most professional and successful virtual & Hybrid events globally. 

Together, providing the South African Market with a leading solution to level up your virtual or Hybrid event experience. 

Right here…  is where experience and intelligence meet! 

With a local South African technical support team available to assist you, you can easily host a seamless and successful virtual event, Hybrid Event,  online seminar,  online conference or exhibition.


What are the ways we assist you that make this platform and our service unique and superior to the rest?





We have a professional, experienced team of local technical development specialists who are always available to assist you with any technical preparation for the event, event website development, registration form set up and RSVP as well as Database management

Our creative team works tirelessly with you on highly innovative event conceptualisation and the customisation of your Online Virtual Event. 

Our Traditional in person event management specialists work closely with your team to ensure the operational side of your event is smooth sailing all the way.

We provide Account Managers from a variety of industry sectors who understand the importance of the different features and functionalities of an event and will guide you every step of the way. 

Event management PLATFORM

What you’ll learn in the demo?

Overview of an all in one platform
Different use cases of the platform
Launching your virtual event
Attendee engagement tips and tricks
Upsell your event to sponsors & exhibitors

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