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The awesome advantages of hosting hybrid events

Without a doubt, the combining of live and Virtual events – or hybrid events as they are better know, is the way of the future. Live events have their place in terms of the establishing and nurturing of personal contact with clients, but due to the pandemic making these far more difficult to stage


Virtual or Hybrid Events offer a more sustainable option

A positive aspect of the pandemic is the positive impact it has had on sustainability all over the world. Reports of clear skies and clear rivers in many parts of the world as air travel and industry slowed down and the emergence of more wildlife, where fewer people visited their habitat,


Why Virtual Events will replace many live ones in 2021

As we go into 2021 we are still facing many of the challenges that Covid-19 has posed to business throughout 2020. Unfortunately, a second wave of the virus has swept the globe and this has even included new strains in South Africa and the U.K.


Setting the PACE for Virtual Events in South Africa

Despite the huge amount of hardship experienced by many businesses and individuals in the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the upsides to it is that it engendered some innovative thinking amongst local Entrepreneurs.


Virtual Event Speakers – how to make them shine!

Assuming that you no longer need to be convinced that Virtual Events are here to stay and that you have treated yourself to purchasing a great Virtual Event management platform, you will also know it is essential to get your Virtual Event Speakers to shine!


Solid software solutions for managing your Virtual Event

One of the positives that have come out of the pandemic is, due to the desire for businesses to communicate on a broader level than just small meetings, Virtual event platforms have become commonly used and the technology greatly enhanced.


Live and Virtual events will combine to create the new norm

There is no doubt that post-COVID-19 the world will have changed in many ways. The way we do things in business will never be the same again for the simple reason that the COVID-19 restrictions on movement and live interaction have sparked some ingenious solutions to overcome these challenges.


Lockdown does not mean shut down for events and expos

While COVID-19 has the world pinned down in their homes, businesses the world over are finding new innovative ways to overcome the challenges faced by social distancing. Online interaction in every form has become the number one priority for any business to keep up with the times and deal with the challenges that the lockdown has posed,

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