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Create more value for Hybrid Event Sponsors and Exhibitors

Having firmly established that Hybrid Events (combining the ambience of ‘in person’ events and the reach and capabilities of Virtual events) are the way of the future, our articles are currently designed to assist you with the best ways to maximise every aspect of what they can offer.

One of the most important aspects of any event is the buy-in of Sponsors and Exhibitors as without these few events would be financially possible or have very much appeal. Their financial input massively boosts the income required to host the event and attendees want to know about what is new out there in terms of available products and services.

As the event organiser, it, therefore, falls to you to create more value for Hybrid Event Sponsors and Exhibitors. Here are a few ways you can achieve this, utilising a good virtual event platform such as Virtual Event

Get them known from the get-go

Have Sponsors and Exhibitors displayed on the landing page of the event and utilising the event feed, push notifications and SMS messages, create awareness and give them shout outs. Also, remind attendees they can visit them in person and virtually at their booths. 

Supply a virtual booth

Remember a massive portion of your audience will be virtual only, so apart from the booth they will have at the live event, supply your Sponsors and Exhibitors with a Virtual booth too. This is an interactive online space to showcase videos, banners and all manner of marketing material as well as to conduct live chats, generate leads and have the additional benefit of real-time analytics.

Create Demo rooms 

Apart from booths, Sponsors and Exhibitors can also be offered demo rooms. These are spaces to which attendees can break out to get the low down on the Sponsor or Exhibitors specific products. This is where they can get down to some intensive marketing!

Make more opportunities

Try to offer Sponsors and Exhibitors opportunities to be involved with sponsoring as many happenings within the event as possible. These can include presentation sessions and competitions, and to be seen in network lounges and breakout rooms too.

Leverage technology to give them results

Sponsors and Exhibitors can also be given their own dashboard so they can easily manage and direct their marketing efforts and teams They can also, most importantly, be kept up to date with progress throughout the event via being able to view and download event-related analytics, reports and leads generated.

Virtual Event help you do it!

With a Virtual Event platform – or our latest offering, a custom made ‘Custom Event’ platform, all the technology and capabilities you need to host a massively successful Virtual or Hybrid Event are at your fingertips.

Contact us and let us assist you with anything you need to know to get you up and running in the exciting world of Virtual Events – and watch this space for more advice on how to maximise every aspect of every event you organise and host.

Stay safe – and keep it virtual!

Without a doubt, the combining of live and Virtual events – or hybrid events as they are better know, is the way of the future.

Live events have their place in terms of the establishing and nurturing of personal contact with clients, but due to the pandemic making these far more difficult to stage and the international reach of Virtual events at a far lower cost, the hybrid event is coming into its own.

The benefits will be numerous too, so here are a few of the awesome advantages of hosting hybrid events…

Increasing reach and attendees

There is absolutely no live event that can match the massive reach that is possible when a hybrid event is staged. The personal engagement of the in-person attendees combines with the global reach of the virtual attendees to have both live and virtual interactions and business transactions taking place.

Virtual attendees engagement

As opposed to an all-virtual event, virtual attendees of a hybrid event can feel they are at the live event through the amazing capabilities of a Virtual Event platform that allows them to participate in Q&A, polls, live chat, surveys, competitions and more!

Cost reductions = better returns

For event organisers, the objective is to always reduce their bottom line and get a great R.O.I. Travel, accommodation and other costs are significantly reduced with hybrid events for all attendees and returns are better for organisers and sponsors because they have not had to cater for but still attract much bigger numbers.

Get better sponsorship      

Sponsorship is more often than not a key factor in holding successful events. Not only can you get more sponsors holding a hybrid event than a live one only, but the sponsors themselves get way more mileage for their investment with more attendees and better opportunities to showcase their wares.

…and so much more

You can scale your event in accordance with the size and availability of live venues, whilst still getting larger reach; record and utilise the speaker sessions offering live and virtual attendees a chance to participate in their own time – and with the Virtual Event platform capabilities, everything from attendance to engagement and R.O.I are easily and automatically measurable.

The platform that performs either way

Virtual Event is partnered with Hubilo, one of the international pioneers of the Virtual Events industry and now forerunners in the hybrid events developmental technology. Our Virtual Event platform, however, is tailor-made to suit the South African Events co-ordinator’s requirements. 

Whether you are more inclined to favour fully virtual events, or keen to host hybrid events, all the technology and capabilities you will need to facilitate either or both are at your fingertips.

Talk to us today to find out more and also ask about our brand-new custom events platforms for those who prefer outright ownership of their own Virtual Events platform.

Stay safe and stay Virtual!

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