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Don’t cancel that conference through COVID – expand on it!

As an Events Planner or as the Events Co-ordinator in a corporate business, you may have been in the throes of organising a conference for your clients or bosses when the third wave of the covid hit.

You may have decided to cancel the conference for a number of reasons. It wouldn’t be practical because the numbers of people allowed to be together are too limited. The Speakers you were hiring would no longer attend because they were locked down in another province or simply not happy to be at a covid ‘’spreader’’ event. So you thought these were good enough reasons to just put the whole thing on hold, even though you knew that it was important to hold the conference right now.

Virtual to the rescue

There is only one way in fact that you could be excused for cancelling a conference due to Covid – and that is because you were simply not aware that with our Virtual Event platform you can not only hold a conference virtually and get exactly the same results, but you can, in fact, expand on it due to a virtual event’s extended reach and cost savings!

Cancelling conferences are a thing of the past   

A virtual event has everything you can achieve in a live event and although you may not get quite the same ambience and be able to shake someone’s hand, you can pretty much do everything else and at a reduced price. So let’s look at what you can do and how you can actually improve on your ‘in person’ event. 

Invite the same people – and more

Anyone who has a computer or a phone can still attend the conference, so there’s no fear of your client saying people can’t get to you. In fact, you can greatly expand on your delegates because with a virtual event you reach a global audience without the cost of travel, accommodation etc. Now you can invite those international clients you’ve been trying to reach for so long and afford to have them be part of your event!

Do the same networking 

There is no fear of the event not being personal enough. With Virtual Event you not only have chat lounges where specified groups can gather but you can arrange 1 on 1 meetings in private chat rooms and there is even a facility that matches you up with the people that you specify that you would most like to meet! Now that’s some impressive networking – and you are doing it on a global scale!

Get the same Speakers- or better!

All good Speakers today have converted their presentation material to a virtual format and so you can still get the same Speakers you would have had live – and go one better – aim for an international Speaker too. Someone from the USA, who would have had exorbitant travel expenses and been out of your reach for a live event may now be completely affordable on a virtual basis. 

Get the same interaction between Speakers and attendees too with chat boxes, Q and A, competitions and polls. Attendees engage with Speakers and still learn as much as they want to.

Get the same sponsors

Even though your savings will be massive when holding your event virtually, you can still try to hook a great sponsor and Virtual Event creates great opportunities for sponsors. Branding is available in all presentation areas and chat rooms and sponsors are offered the additional advantage of a much wider reach with an international audience. 

Get the same results – or better

With sophisticated monitoring and tabulation of data, we ascertain exactly what reactions and uptakes your client has achieved at every given point of the event and we can give organisers valuable feedback.  

We can pinpoint highlights and trouble areas, all valuable for clients to build on in their next event and most importantly we can give accurate figures on the bottom line – the event organiser’s R.O.I.

We are with you all the way

Virtual Event does not underestimate that as someone who is new to holding virtual events you may need some hands-on assistance and we offer it all the way. For all the information you need simply Book a Demo now and don’t hesitate to contact us for a no-obligation consultation to see exactly how we can assist you.

We are a company that has emanated from an events company ourselves so we are here for you and fully understand your frustrations and anxieties. There is a solution though – so don’t cancel that conference through COVID – expand on it – with Virtual Event!



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