Since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent restrictions of in-person gatherings of any significance businesses the world over had to find new innovative ways to overcome the challenges faced by social distancing. Online interaction in every form has become the number one priority for any business to keep up with the times and deal with the challenges that the lockdowns posed.

One of the businesses that everyone said was ‘dead in the water’ was events, conferences etc. – closely followed by the expos industry. The live conferences and expos that were the lifeblood of communication, showcasing products, brainstorming and networking, were thought to be a thing that we would just have to wait for until COVID-19 has been conquered.

This is not so, as shown by the emergence of ‘Virtual Event’ platforms. With a Virtual Event platform conferences can be as engaging, interactive and successful as ever with a little help from these great features provided by our platform… 

Networking Lounge 

Here attendees can gather to enjoy a virtual cup of coffee and a chin wag as was always practised in live events. Networking is in fact better than ever as it now has a global reach!

Parallel Sessions 

One of the advantages of virtual events is that several sessions can take place simultaneously, and those that are not attended as they are running can be recorded and viewed at the attendee’s leisure. 

Breakout Rooms 

If smaller groups wish to break out into their private rooms this is possible but none of the event is missed as this is usually done for all groups simultaneously and all presentations are recorded anyway.

One-On-One Meeting facility 

As above one on one sessions can be had as desired by any conference delegates. 

Live Feed 

Live feeds ensure all the action can be enjoyed as it happens, and this includes interactive engagement like Q and A’s, giving the virtual conference a very real feel.

Contest/ Survey Questionnaires

Competitions etc further enhance attendee engagement and conference sponsors/hosts can obtain good feedback through surveys and questionnaires.

Attendee Networking

 Promote attendee networking during your conference with in-platform attendee matchmaking, one-on-one video meetings, one-on-one direct messaging chats, smaller chat rooms for small group discussions and access to full attendee lists. 

Attendee Engagement

Promote attendee engagement through gamification. A leaderboard with a reward system is the perfect driver for attendee engagement and interaction between attendees and sponsors / Exhibitors.

Conference Sponsors / Exhibitors

Create sponsor profiles allowing for sponsors to showcase their products through videos and  downloadable collateral.

Allow sponsors/ Exhibitors  to brand networking tables for added exposure as well as generate lead engagement reports.

Design Discussion lounges based on topics or sessions for sponsors and exhibitors.

Live & Pre Recorded Sessions

Present topics or host live panel discussions while running Q&A and Live Polls.

Upload pre recorded on demand presentations and videos for those attendees wanting to view at a later stage.

Trade Shows

Generate product awareness and increase leads with a virtual component to your trade show. 

The Key features available to have a virtual trade show working in conjunction with your trade show are:

  • Virtual Booths
  • Exhibitor Dashboard
  • Demo Rooms
  • Virtual Networking
  • Exhibitor Profiles

Medical Events

Share medical updates and insights by using the platform to engage directly with your clients or staff through the virtual platform.

The ability to integrate with and work with those accredited to assign CPD points gives the extra edge to any medical event. 

The following features available on the platform will give your next medical event the edge.

  • Live virtual sessions along with breakout sessions.
  • Pre- Recorded/On Demand Presentations or Videos.
  • Sponsor and Exhibitor Virtual Booths.
  • Delegate Matchmaking & Networking.
  • Issue certifications

Education Fairs

Educational fairs provide prospective students with the opportunity to meet University representatives. The primary topics of discussion are education either in Undergrad or for Masters.

The advantages of holding these fairs is: to meet and interact with official representatives and alumni of the institution; have an opportunity to get advice and information on your application; seek opportunities for potential scholarships and other funding opportunities exclusively for the event attendees; explore new programs that may be available and attend talks, seminars and panel discussions on a range of topics.

This is all available now through the Virtual Event platform and specialised features for holding an online educational fair are available on the platform and these include…

  • Interactive Chat – One on One or Small Group Chats between students and university representatives.
  • Virtual Booths used to showcase what your University stands for and allow students to access and download any University collateral.
  • Branded Networking lounges and Breakaway rooms allow for panel or group discussions.
  • Instant surveys and real-time feedback

Award & Recognition Events

The Millennials and Generation Z, the very people that will grow with Virtual Events, are those who most value reward systems to increase their motivation. People do not work for money alone but to be respected by their peers and recognised by those who value their service.

We all need this and so the importance of Awards and recognition events is immeasurable. These are events however that need to be presented in a certain way – and with a clear understanding of the difference between an event that seeks to motivate and one which seeks to reward achievement.

The following platform features available will ensure you run a professional virtual award & recognition event to Motivate Suppliers, Employees or Customers.

  • User Friendly Award Entry registration.
  • Virtual Sponsor Booths and Branding opportunities for sponsors.
  • One on One chat between sponsors and attendees.
  • Live presentations including live online voting and polling.
  • Real-Time Award Leaderboard

Hackathon Events

The actual nature of a Hackathon belies its name. It is not an event to see how many computers can be hacked in record time – Quite to the contrary it is one in which computer programmers and others involved in software development, including graphic designers, interface designers, project managers, domain experts etc. who collaborate intensively on software projects to see who can create functioning software – or hardware – by the end of the event.

These too can be held virtually and you can beef up your next Hackathon with these great features…

  • Team member collaboration through one-on-one or small group meetings.
  • Virtual Leaderboard.
  • Expert Panel providing advice through one-on-one or small group meetings.
  • Online presentation of demo or prototype to a global audience.

Career Fairs 

Maximise job matching opportunities with the below platform features

Virtual Booths to showcase employer brand, culture and allow for attendees to download company collateral.

  • Virtual live interviews.
  • Live presentations, panel discussions can be hosted by employers.
  • Live Q&A, Surveys and Polls

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