Expand your ability to reach your audience by adding a virtual element to your next conference. At Virtual Event, you can :

  • Create Custom User Groups as the basis for attendee networking and engagement
  • Host multiple sessions simultaneously with a variety of streaming and video on demand options. Your delegates can also create their own custom schedules. 
  • In session Live Chat, Q&A and Polling are activated at the touch of a button. Bring questions up on screen, react via emojis, upvote comments and share poll results are just some of our incredible in session features
  • Create custom automated  certifications, drill down into viewership and engagement analytics per session and so much more 
  • Host multiple breakout or networking sessions in our fit for purpose lounges or access controlled virtual rooms. 
  • Showcase sponsors, posters or exhibitors. 
  • Expand engagement by allowing delegates access to all content for 30 days

Trade Shows / Exhibitions

Generate product awareness and increase leads with a virtual component to your trade show. 

The Key features available to have a successful virtual trade show are:

  • Customised Matchmaking fields to match visitors to exhibitors
  • Varying virtual booth sizes and customizable categorization to monetise or package your trade show.
  • Content rich virtual booths which showcase every aspect of the exhibitor, including contact details, social media, product images, video’s brochures and a clickable links.
  • Premium Exhibitor Dashboard which allows for on the go editing of a virtual booth and retrieval of leads and analytics
  • Virtual exhibitor demo rooms and lounges 
  • Comprehensive booth analytics
  • Exhibitor representatives online with native ability to chat or meet with delegates. 
  • Dedicated exhibitor revenue opportunities with feature and sponsored ad spaces for more visibility 
  • Expand engagement by allowing delegates access to all content for 30 days 

Medical Events

Engaging with HCP’s (Health Care Professionals)  has become alot simpler since the launch of Virtual events. Its not always easy to get Facetime with an HCP and since providing pharmaceutical companies with an online alternative we have hosted hundreds of successful virtual events such as online product launches, HCP/ Patient education and advice webinars, patient advisory boards, medical sales rep trainings and more.  

Our ability to integrate with accredited CPD agencies provides an extra edge to any medical or pharmaceutical event. 

The following platform features will give your next medical event the edge.

  • Strict adherence to the SA Code of Marketing Practice and document version and revision control
  • Secure RSVP and Login mechanisms, ensuring you only attract the target audience. 
  • Comprehensive communication plan to enhance attendance 
  • Live Virtual Sessions with Breakouts. 
  • Attendee engagement such as Live Chat, Q&A and polling
  • Pre Recorded/Video on Demand Presentation recording and Speaker training
  • Sponsor/Exhibitor/Product Booths
  • Issue Certification 
  • Comprehensive analytics suite 
  • Expand engagement by allowing delegates access to all content for 30 days 

Educational Fairs

Educational fairs provide prospective students with the opportunity to meet University representatives. The primary topics of discussion are education either in Undergrad or for Masters.

 The advantages of holding these fairs are: to meet and interact with official representatives and alumni of the institution; have an opportunity to get advice and information on your application; seek opportunities for potential scholarships and other funding opportunities exclusively for the event attendees; explore new programs that may be available and attend talks, seminars and panel discussions on a range of topics.

This is all available now through Virtual Event platforms and specialised features required for holding an online educational fair include…

  • Interactive Chat – One on One or Small Group Chats between students and university representatives.
  • Virtual Booths are used to showcase what your University stands for and allow students to access and download any University collateral.
  • Branded Networking lounges and Breakaway rooms allow for panel or group discussions.
  • Instant surveys and real-time feedback

Award & Recognition Events

Millennials and Generation Z, the very people that will grow with Virtual Events, are those who most value reward systems to increase their motivation. People do not work for money alone but to be respected by their peers and recognised by those who value their service.

The importance of Awards and recognition events is immeasurable. These are events however that need to be presented in a certain way – and with a clear understanding of the difference between an event that seeks to motivate and one which seeks to reward achievement.


The following platform features will ensure you run a professional virtual award & recognition event to Motivate Suppliers, Employees or Customers.

  • User-Friendly Award Entry registration
  • Virtual Sponsor Booths and Branding opportunities for sponsors
  • One on One chat between sponsors and attendees
  • Live presentations including live online voting and polling
  • Real-Time Award Leaderboard

Hackathon Events

The actual nature of a Hackathon belies its name. It is not an event to see how many computers can be hacked in record time – Quite to the contrary, it is one in which computer programmers and others involved in software development, including graphic designers, interface designers, project managers, domain experts etc. who collaborate intensively on software projects to see who can create functioning software – or hardware – by the end of the event.

 These too can be held virtually and you can beef up your next Hackathon with these great features…

  • Team member collaboration through one-on-one or small group meetings
  • Virtual Leaderboard
  • Expert Panel providing advice through one-on-one or small group meetings
  • Online presentation of demo or prototype to a global audience

Career Fairs 

Maximise job matching opportunities with the below platform features

Virtual Booths to showcase employer brand, culture and allow for attendees to download company collateral.

  • Virtual live interviews
  • Live presentations, panel discussions can be hosted by employers
  • Live Q&A, Surveys and Polls

Funerals / Memorials

One thing we have learnt is physical events, funerals & memorials can’t always be attended by everyone due to unforeseen circumstances. Restrictions on physical presence shouldn’t prevent anyone from paying tribute to a loved one or taking part in celebrating their life.

From a simple stream to any social media platform or a full service solution with a personalised memorial website  allowing all grieving friends and family members to keep the memory of their loved ones alive by leaving tribute messages, uploading photos, like share or comment, our team are here to assist you! 

Options for a multimedia slideshow or video to be created and play during the service and made available on the personalised memorial site for on demand viewing is also available. 

The personalised memorial site is user friendly and secure so access can be controlled to keep it personal.

We work closely with our clients to craft a unique memorial service and site for their loved one.

Our experienced technical facilitators manage all technical aspects of the memorial service, enabling clients to be fully present for the service.

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