Event management PLATFORM


Seamless log-in and onboarding

Log in through Social Media or Custom Generated OTP (Email and SMS) Attendees have a simple onboarding process which includes populating their profile with details such as industry, interests, what they have to offer at the event, and what they’re looking to gain from the event.

Attendee match-making and networking

Attendees can engage with each other by sending meeting requests, instant messaging chats and exchange virtual business cards. Many great features make extensive networking possible like one-on-one chat booth privately and in sessions and networking lounges.

Event Newsfeed

Attendees stay updated with event highlights shown in their newsfeed Attendees can post text, image, video, and links which will appear on the news feed. Like and comment on all posts. Post an offering or requirement prompting other attendees to engage or show interest Create and participate in a poll

Virtual Sessions

There is an added advantage in enabling what would typically have been a once-off live speaker event to be accessed and played at leisure online. You can host a virtual seminar with live Q and A and conduct live polling.

Partners, Sponsors, Exhibitors & Speakers

Areas that showcase partner, sponsor, exhibitor and speaker profile listings View, search for and contact all partners, sponsors, exhibitors and speakers participating in the event Select and view detailed profiles which include: Bio, contact details, website, social media handles, brochures, documents and promotional videos. See and set a reminder for all sessions the partner, exhibitor or speaker has been booked into View and download presentations and past sessions that may have been missed during the event Rate, bookmark them and take notes on each profile Schedule meetings & directly chat with all partner, exhibitor representatives and speakers.

One on One Meetings & Networking lounges

Conduct quick impromptu meetings by grabbing an available chair in the networking lounge. A video pop up opens within the platform to facilitate in-person video meetings.


Increased engagement through contests/competitions throughout the event Quizzes and other options available. Event Manager can select winners or allow for attendee voting Real-time reporting enables event managers to view and reward top engaging attendees.

Data & Analytics

Real-time reporting on the event dashboard Export event data and analytics Customised reports available on request


A Virtual Event support manager assigned to each event


Overview of an all in one platform.
Different use cases of the platform.
Launching your virtual event.
Attendee engagement tips and tricks.
Upsell your event to sponsors & exhibitors.

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