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Great ideas for fresh Hybrid and Virtual Events

Now that it has firmly been established that Hybrid and Virtual events are here to stay if you have been holding these types of events and now have switched to hybrid events you may be facing what has long been a problem for those hosting only in-person events – how to get fresh ideas!

Well, we at Virtual Event, using knowledge imparted to us by our famous international partners Hubilo, have come across some pretty cool ideas from top international events and we would love to pass them on to you. 

Many Events co-ordinators are simply not aware of how much can be achieved when using an effective Virtual Events platform and when you combine this with what can potentially be achieved when combining it with an in-person event to make it a hybrid event, it can be even more impressive. Let’s take a look then at a few great ideas for fresh Hybrid and Virtual Events

Eliminate language barriers

One of the great ideas we heard was that in a recent global event the event organisers provided their attendees with closed captions for all sessions, in seven languages! This opens up your event to a much wider international audience and when many attendees struggle with English it shows a real concern for their comfort and enjoyment of the event. It also makes info sharing a lot easier to understand and therefore more effective.

Choose pre-recorded videos

One of the great advantages of virtual events, as organisers soon came to realise, was the enormous cost saving of having globally renowned Speakers at your event anywhere in the world. Now that we are returning to in-person events the same savings can be made by utilising pre-recorded videos shown simultaneously online and at the live event off the Virtual Event platform. 

The other advantages are having to use less equipment – and the opportunity for all attendees to watch the presentations again and within their own time zones. We need to remember now that hybrid events have a far more massive reach and this advantage must always be utilised. 

Use a solid virtual events support team 

Never underestimate the importance of using a support team experienced in both virtual and live events. By just introducing this element into your next hybrid event you tap into a goldmine of fresh ideas – and you get the peace of mind of knowing your event is in good hands. Talk to Virtual Event about providing just such a team for your next event.

Virtual Event – fresh approach, fresh opportunities, fresh ideas – it’s all part of the package!

When we at Virtual Event first started it was at a time when the world was thrown into a global panic and entire world populations were locked down in their homes to deal with a global menace – Covid-19. 

fresh approach was needed to keep businesses communicating and continuing with their business development, so we partnered with international virtual event pioneers Hubilo to achieve a solution.

This gave our clients fresh opportunities to stage events and now that we can begin to look into returning to in-person events we see that both virtual technology and  fresh ideas are still needed.

Once again we are there for you – and hence this series. Watch this space for more great ideas for fresh Hybrid and Virtual Events – and in the meantime book a demo to see what our great events platform and our efficient team can do to help you to ensure the total success of your next event!

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