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Great sales conventions are still virtually assured

Since the advent of COVID-19, a lot of companies and their Event Organisers just gave up on having sales conventions because they didn’t feel they could get their sales teams together in the usual fashion. 

Obviously many in-person events of this nature were cancelled or at least postponed with the belief that it wouldn’t be too long before they could be held again. Well, it’s been almost 2 years now and those still hanging onto the idea of only holding their sales conferences in person may not have heard about a virtual platform that facilitates sales conventions online and guarantees similar, if not even more success, than when they were being held in the traditional way.

Your sales conventions should not be compromised

It is important to get your sales force together and, for large businesses with teams in other territories, in particular, the joining together to brainstorm new sale ideas and the important networking and camaraderie that goes with it should not be compromised when it can still be achieved online!

So, thanks to the highly successful local Virtual Event platform, here are several reasons why companies from all over the globe can still get together to rally, educate, train, strategise and reward sales teams. Yes, great sales conventions are still virtually assured! 

Sales leaders can present

Thanks to live-streaming and pre-recorded presentations of the highest quality, company heads, trainers and Sales Managers can present plans and strategies as they would in any live situation just as successfully. These presentations are fully interactive including Q and A, polls and suggestions etc. 

Costs are minimalised and reach is maximised

With Speakers and attendees from international centres not needing to travel or be accommodated, the overall cost of the convention can be massively reduced. The wide reach of a virtual platform, however, means the inclusion of international delegates is greatly enhanced.

Attendees are kept engaged

Because virtual conventions are held both on computers and through mobile applications, attendees are still engaging even when on the move, wherever they are. Gaming experiences, quizzes and polls also keep engagement levels high and solid team building can still be still attained.

Great 1 on 1 and networking 

Various breakout rooms mean that attendees can work together in small teams to practice sales pitches, swop new ideas, or meet 1 on 1 with anyone, whenever a networking opportunity arises.

Make it real – and rewarding

Virtual Event can also introduce organisers to service providers who can create and deliver meals, drinks, rewards packages or product hampers, so that even though attendees may be physically apart they can feel rewarded by their company. 

Rewards ceremony sessions can also be held throughout the convention, rewarding the best team’s progress, ideas etc, culminating in one huge awards ceremony and finale event to wrap up a great sales convention! 

Get started and become part of the hybrid event future!

Business owners and Events Coordinators need not become frozen in time waiting for things to change. Even when we go back to in-person events the Virtual Event platform will still play a vital role in combining the ambience of live events with the cost efficacy and reach of virtual events, to become the hybrid events that will be the future norm.Talk to us today, or book a demo to fully understand the incredible capabilities of the Virtual Event platform that has ensured that great sales conventions are still virtually assured! 



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