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How hybrid events benefit everyone involved

As Events Co-ordinators or Organisers you may know by now (certainly you would if you have used a Virtual Event platform) that a virtual event platform utilised in tandem with an in-person event to create a hybrid event can have many benefits for you.

Now, as things begin to normalise, these hybrid events will become the new norm for events and some Events Organisers have some reservations as to how much a virtual platform hook up will really benefit everyone and whether it is worthwhile. Well, make no mistake, this article will conclusively demonstrate how hybrid events benefit everyone involved! 

The four key role players, in any event, are the attendees of course – the whole reason the event is held, the Sponsors, who generally make the event possible, the Speakers and presenters, who inform and entertain us and of course you – the Event Organiser. Each of these role players benefit one way or another from what a virtual platform adds to a live event – and what are some of these?…

Attendees – In the in-person event, attendees benefit from safe & efficient check-in, plus scheduling on-site meetings and live interaction through our event app. This is augmented virtually by immersive sessions with our broadcasting studio, engagement with the on-site audience, speakers and sponsors through the VE app.

Sponsors – Benefits at live events are attained through QR scanning based lead retrieval and on the spot lead scoring using the VE app. This is augmented virtually through access that is afforded to both sets of audiences and lead data.

Speakers – Speakers could be easier to attain when these benefits are explained to them – At the in-person event they benefit from being streamed in for the virtual audience and they have engagement with both virtual and on-site audiences through the VE app. From the virtual point of view, they are streamed in for both audiences and have engagement with both virtual and on-site audiences through the app. 

You – the Event Organisers – You have the most benefits of all through touchless check-ins and on-site analytics for check-ins through your partner’s app, as well as registration for walk-ins through the VE app and immersive sessions with our broadcasting studio.

Remember that a massive benefit to all parties involved is the far wider reach when virtual technology is combined with in-person, thereby generating far bigger audiences! we will be elaborating in our next article on a few more ways hybrid events benefit from virtual event platforms – so watch this space.

Get the right platform – and assistance from the experts 

It is vitally important that you use a tried and tested virtual event platform and Virtual Event is just such a platform. Modelled on international pioneers ‘Hubilo’s’ platform, it is state of the art and has every benefit that a virtual event platform can offer.

It is also extremely important to seek assistance from experts in the holding of hybrid events and you need only talk to us about how we can assist throughout the process to ensure that at your next hybrid event – everyone involved will benefit!

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