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How sponsors can help you to host a hugely successful hybrid event!

We in the events industry all know that sponsors are the lifeblood of any event and very few events, especially large ones can take place without them. Event organisers need sponsors and sponsors need events to market their products and services, but sponsorships can also be wasted if the sponsors’ financial input is not maximised.

Event organisers need to offer sponsors as many opportunities as possible to get the best possible R.O.I on any event. It is not even a question anymore whether virtual events work for sponsors – and hybrid events, in particular, are becoming more in demand than ever as sponsors catch on to the additional benefits that hybrid events can afford them. We have written many times on these benefits and you can learn more here – How hybrid events benefit everyone involved – Virtual Event

So what are some great ideas of what you, as an Events organiser, can offer a sponsor when hosting a hybrid event? – or put another way, having encouraged more input from your sponsors, how can sponsors help you to host a hugely successful hybrid event? This happens through sponsorship opportunities both before and during the event…


The idea before the event is to create awareness and generate interest so that the sponsors can get the best attendances and consequently generate the best marketing responses. Build some hype by allowing sponsors to post directly to the event website. This could be a blog about the brand or an introduction to the brand on the events landing page.

Sponsors can also generate more awareness and encourage engagement with attendees during the event by offering free samples and demos in the build-up to it, and use Twitter and Facebook to do pre-event shout outs. A great favourite with attendees is to send sponsors ‘goodie bags’ to them as an incentive to sign up for the event. Even if the event is virtual this can still be done and you can ask Virtual Event to organise this for you.


Many sponsor opportunities that can help them maximise their return, and help you to have a better event, include… 

  • Video ads shown before and in the breaks at presentations, shown onscreen or at the live event;
  • Holding a sponsored ‘promo event’ within the event like a small concert that promotes the sponsor’s name and adds a hashtag for anyone who shares the experience on social media;
  • Coffee or food tie-ups with vendors and suppliers for coffee breaks. This can be achieved easily in-person or even online as it is delivered beforehand to the attendee.

Get the right platform – and assistance 

These are just a few ideas of how you can offer sponsors greater benefits and in turn, sponsors can help you to host a hugely successful hybrid event! Virtual Event has the perfect state of the art platform to assist you to do this and we have the trained staff to hold your hand throughout the entire process.

Contact us today to find out how the world of Virtual and hybrid events is continuing to grow and offer everyone in the industry better opportunities and bigger returns than ever before!

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