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How to raise sponsorship funds for Virtual or Hybrid events

There is no question that every event benefits greatly by attracting good sponsors and it is seldom that event organisers can profit from events that are not in some ways sponsored. There are of course many different forms of sponsorship and funds can be raised from various aspects of any event.

Times have changed however and for the moment at least there are very few live events, but virtual events are proving to be highly successful and effective, and even when in-person events return in the future, we believe the order of the day will be hybrid events, where virtual and live events will combine.

There is absolutely no reason, therefore that events cannot be monetised through pretty much the same sources as has been the practice in the past with live events. So, here are a few tips on how to raise sponsorship funds for Virtual or Hybrid events…

Ticket sales

Don’t think that because an event is virtual you need to make it free. Very much the same results are achieved for the organisers and attendees alike and although the costs are highly reduced with Virtual events there is still some cost to stage them.

The advantages of being able to attract the same great Speakers, and offer attendees better networking opportunities because virtual events can be held on a global scale, make a ticket charge absolutely appropriate. Additionally, because your event is cheaper to stage, your ticket prices can be accordingly lowered for you to still make a profit.

Exhibition space 

Remember that Virtual events also offer exhibition space and this is always attractive to sponsors, particularly those with new products to show and demonstrate. Just as in any live event, sponsors have the opportunity to brand, generating great leads and meet prospective clients who will expand their networks. 

Media coverage 

Most industries have media representation and any event that has an element of prestige within an industry can attract media attention. If the event is one that the media feel they need to be a part of they are often willing to pay for this. Remember that as long as all the key role players are there a virtual event holds just as much weight with the media. 


Traditionally a lot of merchandise is given away at events, but there is also plenty that fetches a price for visiting delegates. Remember we live in a world of e-commerce, where the sale and delivery of products are expertly handled, so merchandising does not need to fall away at virtual events. Take a piece of the action and it is another way to raise funds for your event.

…and more

More applicable to hybrid events are other opportunities too like food and beverage, corporate hospitality and overall event sponsorship from large corporates. The opportunities are numerous, so virtual, hybrid or live, go out and grab them!

Local Virtual Event experts 

Proud to be partnered with the global virtual event pioneers Hubilo, Virtual Event is a South African company that has tailor-made a superb virtual events platform for our local events industry sector.

Contact us today or why not book a demo to see what incredible applications are available and how we can turn any event, from a small conference to a massive exhibition, into an event that succeeds on the same level as any in-person one. 

Keep safe – and keep it virtual!

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