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Hybrid events will dominate in 2022

As we stand on the threshold of a brand new year, many Events Co-ordinators may be wondering what 2022 will bring to the events industry. It is pretty clear that, although we are still experiencing a fourth wave of the pandemic globally, Covid is not going to leave us but rather living with this virus will most likely become the new norm.

As long as more people become vaccinated there will be less serious cases, and eventually, we will adapt to how we work and conduct our social lives accordingly. Based on this, it is pretty clear that live events will still be restricted to a certain extent, but we do believe not to the same extent as we have seen in the last couple of years. So what does this mean for the events industry?

Hybrid events will be the best solution

Now that many businesses have experienced the efficacy of holding purely virtual events, even if the tendency is to return to face to face interactions (and this does have its advantages), for several reasons the combining of the in-person experience and the technology and advantages of advanced virtual events platforms will mean that Hybrid events will dominate in 2022. Here are a few reasons why…

  • Significant cost savings – Both businesses and Events companies have discovered during this time of being forced to hold purely virtual events that they can achieve the same or at least very similar results, but with significant cost savings. 

In-person events or even daily meetings can be very costly with petrol costs and the travel time taken to get to the office or the event, not to mention in the case of large events additional costs of accommodation, staging, security etc… the list goes on. At hybrid events with fewer people attending in person and more attending online it will still be a huge cost saving.

  • Hybrid offers much wider possibilities than just Virtual – A conference that is just local can, with very little additional cost, become a national or even international conference, thereby greatly widening the reach and scope of the conference to include more role players. This again means fewer events and less travel time to hold the same events in other centres.
  • The technology of Virtual events will enhance the live experience – Just one advantage of still incorporating Virtual Event platforms in tandem with live technology is the joining of international speakers, who would normally not be available for extensive travel, at a fraction of the cost.

Add to this all the incredible digital technology advantages like seamless registrations and ticketing, and full reports on attendee numbers and engagement, and one can see why hybrid events will enhance the overall experience – and R.O.I for sponsors and organisers.

The right Virtual Event service providers make hosting hybrid events a seamless experience

So numerous are the advantages of a hybrid event that we have just touched the tip of the iceberg here. If you would like to be more informed please contact Virtual Event, or go to our website to book a demo and then talk to us about your specific requirements.

This is important, because one of the great advantages of the Virtual Event platform is that there is a team of highly experienced Events Co-ordinators behind it, waiting to ensure that your hybrid experience in 2022 is a seamless and successful one.

To all our valued clients in 2021 – thanks a million for your support and for enabling us to continue to bring this product to all the role players in the Events industry. Let’s stand together and ensure that for the first time in years the Events industry will once again be thriving in 2022! 

Happy holidays and a fantastic New year! 

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