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In A Virtual Event world solid tech support is essential – part 1

As much as you as an Events Co-ordinator may want to return to a fully in-person events scenario, the reality is that since we experienced the many advantages of virtual events and can now tie this technology in with live events to create hybrid events, it is unlikely that the virtual aspect is going to disappear. 

If we accept that as a reality then we should also embrace the concept and this means ensuring that the virtual aspect of the event is as professional and effective as it can be. We can never forget, therefore, that virtual events were a result of technology that had to be improved almost overnight and what seemed like impressive technology a couple of years ago has already advanced quite dramatically.

Tech support is vital 

We need to partner with the people who understand and can maximise this technology on our behalf to make our new virtual or hybrid events competitive, or hopefully superior to our competition and keep our audiences enthralled by all that this amazing technology can achieve. This can be quite detailed but we thought it may be useful to you to have just a summary of why in a Virtual Event world solid tech support is essential… It will still involve 2 articles though, so this is part 1.

We can have ‘dress rehearsals!’

Gone are the days when you were given a platform and a manual and essentially expected to fly on the seat of your pants. Today Virtual Event, as one example, has support teams with hi-tech knowledge who can walk you through any event, holding your hand all the way.

Like any huge live show, you can have your tech team run a dress rehearsal with you and as one observer says ‘’Your event technology partner should be a co-director during those dress rehearsals to identify issues before they happen at the big show.’’ Your rehearsal can check on vital aspects like ensuring the main speakers’ internet connections are functioning well and the lighting for your CEO’s big town year end address makes him look great. 

You could and should check if it will be clear to attendees what they need to do when the breakout sessions begin and whether you have assessed other issues like if the online exhibit hall is easy to navigate if your sponsors are pleased with their branding and if everyone on your event team understands how to join the platform! These advance checks expose common mishaps well before the event and ensure that you are ahead of the game. 

You need to get this power behind your hybrid events 

If this interests you (and it should interest every Event company using virtual technology) then watch this space for the next article in which we will cover much more. For now, if you feel you need to get a hi-tech power partner working with your team then don’t hesitate to talk to us.

Virtual Event, following in the footsteps of their international founders, Hubilo, set up South Africa’s best virtual event platform at a crucial time and it saved the businesses of many Event co-ordinators. We have remained abreast of every advancement in this amazing technology and would be happy to partner with you and impart our knowledge and expertise to ensure that your next event, be it Virtual or Hybrid, is a resounding success!



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