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Seamless log-in and onboarding
There are three log-in mechanisms available Log in through Social Media or Custom Generated OTP (Email and SMS) Attendees have a simple onboarding process which includes populating their profile with details such as industry, interests, what they have to offer at the event, and what they’re looking to gain from the event.

Attendee match-making and networking

Large scale networking can be conducted, just as with real-life events. Attendees can engage with each other by sending meeting requests, instant messaging chats and exchange virtual business cards. Many great features make extensive networking possible like one-on-one chat booth privately and in sessions and networking lounges.

  • View, search, filter and sort full event attendee list.
  • Live Chat with other attendees at the event
  • Bookmark attendees, you want to contact and chat to later during the event and take notes on attendee profiles
  • Request one on one chats and meetings with other attendees according to the available time slots in their event calendar
  • Accept, reject and reschedule meetings with other attendees
  • The match-making technology suggests recommended attendees to connect with.

Event Newsfeed

Attendees stay updated with event highlights shown in their newsfeed Attendees can post text, image, video, and links which will appear on the news feed. Like and comment on all posts. Post an offering or requirement prompting other attendees to engage or show interest Create and participate in a poll

Virtual Sessions

There is an added advantage in enabling what would typically have been a once-off live speaker event to be accessed and played at leisure. You can host a virtual seminar with live Q and A and conduct live polling.

  • Access a detailed track wise agenda for the event.
  • Join and participate in live sessions.
  • Set a reminder, favourite a session or take notes on any session they have attended Download speaker presentations they may have missed.
  • Search for and view speaker profiles of all speakers speaking during the event on the “Join session icon” on any speaker profile or the agenda to join the virtual session. Ask live questions or raise their hands to interact with the speaker/panellists and other attendees during a session.

Event session screening and live Q&A

Screen any session by clicking on the JOIN SESSION button in the agenda or on speaker profiles Live stream the entire session live or on-demand if the session has ended Interact with other attendees and panellists present in the live session Ask questions through the Q&A feature during a session Speakers will see all questions submitted and highlight the item that they have chosen to address during the session. Attendees can leave feedback on a session once the live screening is over.

Partners, Sponsors, Exhibitors & Speakers

Areas that showcase partner, sponsor, exhibitor and speaker profile listings View, search for and contact all partners, sponsors, exhibitors and speakers participating in the event Select and view detailed profiles which include: Bio, contact details, website, social media handles, brochures, documents and promotional videos. See and set a reminder for all sessions the partner, exhibitor or speaker has been booked into View and download presentations and past sessions that may have been missed during the event Rate, bookmark them and take notes on each profile Schedule meetings & directly chat with all partner, exhibitor representatives and speakers.

One on One Meetings & Networking lounges

Conduct quick impromptu meetings by grabbing an available chair in the networking lounge up to 10 people can be a part of a networking discussion A video pop up opens within the platform to facilitate in-person video meetings A table can be set up and named by the attendee hosting the discussion These discussions last 15 minutes.


Increased engagement through contests/competitions throughout the event Quizzes and other options available. Event Manager can select winners or allow for attendee voting Real-time reporting enables event managers to view and reward top engaging attendees.

Data & Analytics

Real-time reporting on the event dashboard Export event data and analytics Customised reports available on request



A Virtual Event support manager assigned to each event


Overview of an all in one platform.
Different use cases of the platform.
Launching your virtual event.
Attendee engagement tips and tricks.
Upsell your event to sponsors & exhibitors.


Overview of an all in one platform.
Different use cases of the platform.
Launching your virtual event.
Attendee engagement tips and tricks.
Upsell your event to sponsors & exhibitors.


Customised Branded Events

  • Customise branding on the platform to represent your company Corporate Identity or event theme.
  • Community & Login Banner.
  • Custom Domain Names, Event URL.
  • Custom layout and in platform event communication.


Virtual Events can be monetized in similar ways to a traditional event by incorporating sponsors. As with any exhibition, sponsors have opportunities to show and market their wares. Virtual booths provide sponsors and exhibitors with an online space to sell their product or service by hosting videos, product collateral and other details.

  • The platform allows for the following sponsorship opportunities.
  • Login Page provides the ability for a Sponsor Banner.
  • Sponsor profiles with categories.
  • Networking lounge tables can be branded.
  • Sponsor branded event feeds virtual sessions and contests.

Exhibitor Features

Premium Exhibitors are granted access to their own dashboard where they can manage their own exhibition virtual stand. They have the ability to:

  • Personalise their exhibitor profile by adding images and videos.
  • Adding their sales team members.
  • Gather reporting on profile visits, exhibitor engagement and download attendee leads .

Event Mobile App

The platform offers an event app allowing attendees to engage remotely and not miss a thing.

Attendees can:

  • Access virtual sessions and booths.
  • Conduct one – on – One video meetings and chats.
  • Join tables and participate in networking lounge meetings.

Virtual Event Managers

Our local team is available from concept to end of the event. A team of professionals are here to assist you with training, onboarding and full support during your event.

Your own dedicated Virtual Event Manager is assigned to you  to provide 24/7 Support before and during your event.

  • Integrate with other platforms for a seamless event experience.
  • Preferred streaming engine integration.
  • Displaying its usual high level of flexibility, the Virtual Event platform allows any streaming engine you already trust and would prefer to utilise to be successfully integrated into the platform to run your sessions.

Chat bot integration

Any existing support chat bot you may already be using to assist your clients or attendees can be integrated in to help your attendees and give them more information during the event.

  • External Ticketing platform integration.
  • If you currently use your own event ticketing functionality we can assist with integrating in order to import and assign access to your attendee lists.
  • Integrate with your existing CRM System.

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