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Out the box thinking (and drinking) create an unusual hybrid event!

Well, the year-end will soon be upon us, a time that many companies do various types of events to celebrate their year, award their people and sometimes they do promotional events to sell their wares too.

Sadly, many Events co-ordinators think that this will be a bad year for them due to the limitations that have been placed upon in-person events but this need not be the case. In fact, events can even be expanded upon with the use of a brilliant Virtual Event platform available in South Africa and the combining of this with smaller in-person events to create hybrid events.

The events of the future 

We believe these hybrid events will actually be the main type of events to be held in the future as clients can have a core of invitees in a venue but extend the reach of the event to those who don’t want to (for health reasons) attend, or for those too far away to attend. 

Those attending virtually can have the entire experience in their own homes and there are many ways that this can be done. This is just one example, where a local winery have exercised some out of the box thinking (and drinking) to create an unusual hybrid event!…   

Tasting on the spot – or from afar

The winery is Wildekrans in the Winelands of the Western Cape – an excellent boutique winery that produces some exceptional wines and MCCs. They have come up with an idea that means that attendees can enjoy an excellent wine and food paired tasting for their year-end celebration at the estate – or safely and responsibly when they bring the experience to your home. 

They have packaged a selection of pairing boxes, which you can choose from and these include an informative in person and online tasting session. If you choose the at-home option the box of your choice is delivered to you.

Great options 

The available options are delightful too, from a celebration box which includes three styles of MCC – to mixed wine boxes, white wine only and red wine only boxes, all at fairly standard pricing – to premium boxes that offer the upper range of wines at accordingly higher prices.

Every box contains three products and each is paired with a great food option like biltong, nuts, cheeses, and various dried fruit and sweeter options too – all designed to perfectly pair with the wine of your choice. 

Just the tip of the iceberg

This novel idea is just one of a myriad of year-end events that can be held either entirely virtually or (as is currently proving to be very popular) as hybrid events. It just makes sense – you have the best of both worlds, saving on costs and extending the reach of your event at the same time.

There are many other such events that can be held this year-end too so watch this space for more info on these. In the meantime, if you would like to take advantage of the Wildekrans hybrid wine and food pairing opportunity, or learn more about Virtual Event, South Africa’s premier virtual and hybrid events platform, contact us today for all the info you need.

 Stay safe – stay virtual – and make this year-end as much fun as ever!

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