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Planning to prevent common Hybrid event mishaps – part two

This is the second part of a 2 part article on some of the ways we can plan to prevent common hybrid event mishaps. As we know, one of the great advantages of Virtual Events is that there is generally less that can go wrong with them in comparison to in-person events. There are of course also many benefits to combining live and virtual events and we have written extensively on the advantages of hybrid events.  

Now that we are back to staging live events, however, we are beginning to re-discover the many things that can go wrong and we thought it would be useful to give our Events Co-ordinators some advice on how to prevent some of these, as well as some advice on things that may go wrong on the virtual side too.

In the first article, we covered some of the vital aspects of mishap prevention planning (or what is commonly known as contingency planning) and these included: correctly budgeting for contingencies, in other words ensuring there is enough in the coffers to pay for them; we also covered setting up a team or assigning part of your team just to cover contingencies, and also a lot of advice on preventing Technological mishaps – which commonly happen in both live and virtual events. If you missed this article you can read and share it here – To continue here are a few more contingency planning points…


Essential to avoid trespassers and keep the peace at any live event are a security team, which can either be outsourced or put together by your Events company. A few pointers regarding this are to: ensure that you have provided enough CCTVs, metal detectors, etc. complying with the legal requirement; ensure that the team is big enough to handle the event and a special team is assigned to VIPs – and finally, ensure that the team is capable of handling any kind of situation!

Speakers and presenters

These are often the backbone of the event so ensure that they arrive early and if they arrive late or not at all you have backup speakers or entertainment. Ensure that their equipment (and presentation material) is checked well before the event too!


In live events (another saving of hosting virtual events) medical personnel, in accordance with the law need, to be present, so make sure they are well equipped and capable of handling any major situation and have direct access to more extensive medical backup.

Remember that your team too can suffer illness also they too need to be backed up by stand-ins just in case. It would assist you a lot in fact if your events team were trained in CPR – or other medical assistance training. 

Acts of God

Poor weather, earthquakes or political riots may be, but are not necessarily, deemed as acts of God, so make sure you have the right kind of insurance cover against any of these types of major upsets before the holding of the event – and that you have capable emergency crews within easy access. Ensure that your team know exactly who to call and what to do in the case of such potentially catastrophic contingencies.

Get the professionals

You can also make things easy on yourself by partnering with expert virtual, in-person and hybrid event specialists like Virtual Event. This is the best way to ensure a seamless, smooth sailing event every time. 

Check out our highly successful Virtual Event platform and enlist the help of our experienced Hybrid Event team for your event. Book a demo to see exactly what can be achieved with hybrid events, as combining virtual with live events can go a long way to preventing common hybrid event mishaps! Stay in touch and watch this space for everything you will ever need to know to make every event a resounding success!

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