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Setting the PACE for Virtual Events in South Africa

Despite the huge amount of hardship experienced by many businesses and individuals in the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the upsides to it is that it engendered some innovative thinking amongst local Entrepreneurs.

One great example of this was the PACE digital team, who realising the massive effect that the lockdown would have on Events co-coordinators, and recognising that what was needed was a virtual solution, immediately set out to find who were the leaders in this field and what kind of technologies were available.

A great Indian company, Hubilo are one of the global leaders in this industry and PACE formed an astute alliance with them to form Virtual Event one of the most advanced platforms in the Virtual Events space.

Now just a few months later Hubilo has released a list of Top 17 virtual event management companies (event planners) to partner within 2020 and beyond and PACE as Virtual Event have been given the incredible accolade of being listed amongst them!

Talitha Spykerman, CEO of PACE Digital was quoted by Hubilo as saying “We believe that although live conferences and expos, the lifeblood of communication, showcasing products, brainstorming and networking was thought to be a thing of the past, this is not so, as shown by the emergence of effective Online Conference and Online Event Solutions.”

This recognition is a coup for South Africa, Virtual Event and PACE Digital, illustrating once again that whenever there is a need to up the bar in any area of Digital technologies they remain on the cutting edge of the World’s top innovators – continually setting the PACE for others to follow.



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