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Six smart ways to get the best R.O.I from your Hybrid event

Events Co-ordinators faced some pretty bleak times when we faced up to the pandemic last year and of course, their clients did too. It was economic chaos and suddenly the live events industry was thrown into turmoil.

Fortunately, this was largely addressed by the advent of Virtual Events and major pioneers of this industry like Hubilo internationally and Virtual Event locally found excellent solutions to this relatively new virtual event industry.

Even as there is some recovery, and we move out of entirely virtual events to Hybrid events most businesses are still financially smarting and so any form of event needs to pay handsome dividends to warrant its existence. Hence we look at six smart ways to get the best R.O.I from your Hybrid event…

  1. Get more sponsors on board – By finding more opportunities for sponsors to get good returns and coverage for your events you create a better bottom line for your client from day one. See our article on this and remember for them it’s just about being seen everywhere like login pages, demo lounges. breakout rooms etc – and with the Virtual Event platform you can do it.
  2. Create an App – You can create a branded event mobile app too which gives you more reach and capability and makes your event so much more exciting to attendees. On the app, they can attend sessions and meetings, have one on one chats, participate in polls and competitions – and so much more.
  3. Make a good match – Matchmaking capabilities are also available on the Virtual Event platform with attendees being able to meet up with exactly who they need to – an invaluable resource particularly in very large events. Attendees who report good networking opportunities will be back again and again.
  4. Analytics tell the tale – With Virtual Event you can get actionable information from real-time data. Analytics that show organisers the success of attendee interactions and actions will help to satisfy them that their event was a success. You can also accurately analyse the number of leads that sponsors and exhibitors are receiving.
  5. Customise and brand your events – It is obvious that successful events breed more successful events. Having achieved a good R.O.I on your last event will always convince your clients that you can do the same again. Cash in on this by obtaining your own ‘Custom Event’ platform, recently launched by Virtual Event, so that the public recognise your brand and clients know they can always count on a good R.O.I.
  6. Get solid support – One of the best ways to achieve a positive R.O.I every time is to ensure you use the right Virtual Event platform. Our Virtual Event team assure you excellent support throughout the experience and this is very reassuring especially for those just starting out.

The Virtual Event platform has everything you need to host excellent Virtual and Hybrid events, ensuring great sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities, attendees interaction, networking and learning opportunities, and a great R.O.I for you and your clientsContact us today for a demo and a chat. Events may have changed forever but they are still very much alive. 

Stay safe – and stay virtual! 

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