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Solid software solutions for managing your Virtual Event

One of the positives that have come out of the pandemic is, due to the desire for businesses to communicate on a broader level than just small meetings, Virtual event platforms have become commonly used and the technology greatly enhanced.

One of the best local offerings is from Virtual Event, partnered by Hubilo, one of the largest, most experienced and most successful in this relatively new industry. It is, therefore, our obligation to educate and inform the Events co-ordinators who have had the foresight to adopt this platform and wish to make the most of it in the execution of the perfect event.

Like any sophisticated technologies, one usually finds that one is using the obvious attributes of the software. Still, many others possibly go unexplored and which, if correctly executed, can significantly enhance the user experience.

Here then are just a few of the solid software solutions for managing your Virtual Event utilising the Virtual Event platform…

Pairing people

Both the attendees and the sellers/exhibitors can greatly benefit from the Event pairing or ‘matchmaking”. In the section on ‘people, you can connect with’ it shows not only all event attendees but also suggests people you should connect with based on similar interests/ industries.

One on one meetings 

This generally leads to one on one meetings – one of the great features of this software. People attend Virtual Events as opposed to Webinars because they want to network and connect with the people they may do business with. The 1:1 feature should be used and encouraged as much as possible by the Event Co-ordinator. An excellent way to enhance this is for the co-ordinator to e-mail the people they believe will connect best and set these meetings up.

Make it interesting

It is said that many business people are bored and worn down by the standard webinar experiences, so it is vital to utilise things like competitions, another excellent software feature of the Virtual Event platform. This attracts, stimulates and rewards visitors to the event.

Draw attention

One of the features not available on all VE platforms is the capability to make announcements. The Virtual Event Platform does allow this, and it can be used to announce sessions and events within the event, promote sponsors and encourage registrations for future events etc.

Exhibitor booths

Exhibitor booths are available so Events co-ordinators can generate a good revenue stream from selling these to brands/suppliers – just as in any live event.

Event analysis

Another essential software feature is the ability to analyse data and the success of the event through a backend dashboard. The presentation of this data can significantly encourage future sponsorships and attendees too.

Event tracks

These allow Event co-ordinators and visitors an excellent overview of events taking place and gives organisers the ability to co-ordinate the events ensuring they are well spaced and well placed.

Integrate registration and ticketing

Another great feature of the Virtual Event platform software and not available to all is the integrated registration and ticketing solutions. This allows co-ordinators a smooth process of combining these two vital aspects and gets you the jump on setting up the next event.

The Speaker’s lounge

This is a ‘cherry on top’ that allows your Speakers to be able to moderate and control their own session and the things related only to their sessions.

Just ask…

We hope this has been helpful and given you some solid software solutions for managing your Virtual Event.Yet another feature is the Sponsorship module. We can help you with constructing sponsorship deals too, so just contact us for free advice and guidance anytime.



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