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Throw a party for your staff with a Virtual Event platform

As we go into a third wave of the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic, many office workers are homebound once again and it’s not easy for employers to keep up staff morale. There are no more friendly lunches or going out for a few drinks together to create a bit of camaraderie – no more office parties – and business is a pretty dull affair, all just conducted online. 

Well, it actually is possible to throw a party of some sorts, and although it may not quite have the same ambience as the real thing, a virtual party thrown on a Virtual Event platform can be pretty effective to lift people’s spirits. So how exactly is this accomplished?

Well, what in essence does a good in-person party contain? A nice theme with a bit of décor, some live entertainment, sharing a few drinks and dinner and playing a few party games. Well, guess what? All this can be achieved in a virtual event too!

Choose a theme

On a Virtual Event platform various holiday skins are available to decorate and bring some cheer to your online event. Choose a theme and decorate your background accordingly. Obviously, this is best used for that year-end Christmas party, but we need cheering up now so why not throw a ‘Christmas in July’ party just to give everyone a mid-year lift? Just use a little imagination and choose a popular theme amongst your employees.

Live entertainment

Entertainment of all sorts can be happening and shared live with all attendees. As with any live party, a Comedian, a Singer, a Magician, can all be enjoyed live as they are live-streamed (and recorded for anyone who may have missed the party). Open up your mikes and let’s get a great sing-along happening – OK well, that may be a bit painful, but you get the idea!

Eat, drink and be merry!

As with any party, the party goers can join together in a lounge and see each other having a drink – toasts and accolades can be performed – awards given and then after everyone has said ‘’Cheers’’ chat whilst they all share a meal.

If you want the bonus of ensuring the eats and drinks and even a great party pack is given to all the attendees then simply talk to Virtual Event who can arrange with our service providers to order and deliver these to each employee before the event.

Games galore 

Finally when the entertainment and dinner are over party-goers can go on to play a great selection of games and this is a great way to keep everyone engaged as we have all the usual office party year-end games like Secret Santa, Charades and more.

Always seeking better ways to keep you engaged

Now you know how you can throw a party for your staff with a Virtual Event platform, you do need to know that not just any virtual event platform will do it. Virtual Event is a South African pioneer that has partnered with global pioneers Hubilo to ensure that we offer the best platform available and continue to find better and more novel event solutions to keep companies, staff, sponsors and exhibitors everywhere fully engaged.

Contact us to find out more about Virtual and Hybrid events and in the meantime – keep safe – and keep partying!



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