Virtual Event new product updates – Feb 2021

As successful as we were in 2020 and now with a solid long term partnership with international company and Virtual Events pioneers Hubilo, we are proud of our Virtual Event platform, specifically adapted to local specifications and requirements.

We are always in tune with your suggestions and our techno whiz kids are always creating new and better ways to make Virtual Events easier, more effective and more streamlined.

Here are a handful of new product updates, assuring you that Virtual Event is always on the cutting edge of the latest Virtual Event platform technologies…

Multi-window multitasking capabilities

We have no doubt this will prove to be a winner in 2021 as delegates will now be able to stay in touch with their businesses and remain engaged with the event at the same time – without switching screens!

The multi-window view is possible through our new Picture in Picture (PIP) technology which gives you a multi-window viewing capability. For example, go to attend to your e-mails without losing touch with what’s happening in the event.

Simply click on the PIP icon at the bottom of the screen to activate this multiscreen functionality. No more losing attendees disengaging to do office work whilst your event is taking place!

Simpler booking of a 1 on 1 meeting

We have simplified and created a more seamless flow of the process of booking meetings with fellow attendees. You no longer need to go through the previously tedious process.

Attendees can directly view a fellow attendees profile and see vacant meeting time availabilities. With an already typed message (which can be altered) a meeting booking could not be simpler.

Chat sessions – upvote questions

Now instead of repeating the same questions in chat sessions, attendees can upvote a question asked by a fellow attendee. This helps to streamline chat sessions.

Delegates simply need to use the upvote button which is located below each chat message to assist hosts, moderators and the Speakers to address the most important queries first.

Chat sessions – Pin messages 

Moderators, Session hosts and Speakers will now be able to pin important messages in the chat sessions that they see so that they can refer to them even after several more messages have occurred.

This allows them to highlight certain announcements or comments even when operating in in real-time and the pinned messages can be unpinned too to allow for the pinning of others.

Join Speaker sessions live

Dynamic new Speaker profiles will allow attendees to view their upcoming sessions and immediately join a session that is happening live!

Whilst visiting the Speaker profile attendees can simply press the ‘Join session’ and join the action live directly from the Speaker profile!

Instant ‘new attendees’ notification drives engagement

Now instead of delegates having to scroll through the attendee’s list to see who is attending the event a ‘new attendees’ button allows delegates to find out immediately who has just joined.

This really drives engagement as it shows attendees immediately who is entering the session and entices more 1 to 1 contact opportunities.

You can learn all you need to know about our latest technology offerings and all existing platform functionality by simply contacting us to get advice and guidance.

Constantly reinventing ourselves to create ultimate Virtual Events