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Virtual and hybrid events will feature even more in 2022

It would be a big mistake for Event Organisers to think that once the pandemic is under control and people are no longer worried and able to venture out into the real world, virtual events will phase out and eventually cease to exist.

On the contrary, the world has been turned upside down over the past couple of years by virtual event technology and the findings have revealed that this is no stop-gap, but offers some significant advantages over solely in-person meetings.

We have written on this before, but as we go into a new era where Generation Z (those following the millennials) will become the new workforce (See our previous article on ‘VR, AR and Generation Z will totally change events in 2022 and beyond!’) we will be dealing with a totally different mindset that embraces technology and the virtual world. For this reason alone, virtual and hybrid events will feature even more in 2022, but there are many others too…

Cost, reach and superior technology

There is no question that there will always be a place for in-person events as people like to mingle with people and body language is a powerful business tool when it comes to closing the deal or building your network. This is why hybrid events will be the most likely choice for most Event Organisers as we can have the ambience of the live event and still keep some of the newly found advantages of virtual event technology.

Let’s face it, virtual events are a great replacement for a live event when budgets simply don’t allow the costs appertaining to them. Costs like transport, accommodation, staging, security live Presenters etc. Even when these costs are ok in terms of a reasonable size event, combining the in-person event with virtual technology allows a massively wider global reach for attendees that cannot travel from other countries, and still allows full interaction between live and online attendees.

There are also great advantages in terms of utilising the digital technology of a Virtual Event platform, for registration, ticketing, data capturing, recording attendee engagement and responses etc.

Now Virtual will go bigger and more mainstream!

All these advantages mean that pioneers of virtual technology like our international partners Hubilo are finding ways to constantly expand on the number of events that can easily leverage virtual event technology. Some of these include…

Concerts, political rallies, sporting events, movie premiers, investor, fashion and cooking roadshows, medical and press conferences, talent shows and film festivals, all kinds of civil rallies, sales conferences and job fairs – just to name a few!

How will you leverage virtual event technology?

The reality is 2022 will see a new world of events, structured around an entirely different form of presentation. Virtual and augmented reality, virtual event technology and the combining of live and virtual events to create many different configurations of hybrid events will all be a part of the new norm in the events industry.

Will you embrace it? – and how will you leverage it? If you have any doubts, confusion, questions or just want to know where and how to get started, let Virtual Event, our already experienced team in this area, assist you and ensure that your next event will reflect the wonderful new world of technology that the events industry now has at its fingertips!  

Keep safe – and keep it virtual!

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