Just 1 intelligent platform to host & live-stream your entire event

Now with the Hubilo broadcast studio, you can use Hubilo to not just host an awesome virtual event but to also broadcast your event sessions live.

Hubilo broadcast studio provides great flexibility and convenience for event organizers, session hosts, and guest speakers to manage and conduct interactive live sessions.

Seamless Event Streaming

  • Run your entire event from one platform.
  • No dependency on external platforms.
  • Easily share the stage with guest speakers.
  • Practice with other speakers before going live.

Easier Moderation by Host

  • Backstage to manage speakers before going live.
  • Privately chat with your guests & speakers.
  • Bring any speaker or screen in live focus.
  • Conduct polls & QnA, chat with your audience

Flexibility to Conduct Sessions

  • Host a talk show, panel discussion, or interview.
  • Host 12 speakers & screens simultaneously.
  • Invite speakers on the fly with a private link.
  • Schedule automatic session recordings
Event management PLATFORM

What you’ll learn in the demo?

Overview of an all in one platform
Different use cases of the platform
Launching your virtual event
Attendee engagement tips and tricks
Upsell your event to sponsors & exhibitors

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