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Virtual Event helps you hold a heck of a hackathon!

Hackathons are all the rage in the software development industry, as they enable developers to get together and collaborate on problem-solving projects around the globe. This is one of the advantages of virtual event platforms and local company Virtual Event, has a program based on the incredibly successful Indian Hubilo model, which is all you need to hold a heck of a hackathon!

So how exactly do they accomplish this? Well, in a handful of innovative ways…

Facilitate collaboration amongst team members

Firstly the VE platform allows participants from all around the globe to get together to meaningfully engage and collaborate on solving some pretty challenging problems. You can hold 24hr marathons and boost the competitive spirit in various ways… 

Create great war rooms in which teams can debate and create

You can give teams the chance to have a private room for their team to do their own brainstorming and also provide open networking lounges where teams can join together and collaborate as teams in a joint effort to create software solutions.

Create private chat rooms for one-on-one meetings 

Hackathon team members can also slip away for one-on-one meetings with each other, or more commonly to consult with experts who can assist them and their teams to develop even better solutions. 2 heads are better than one, but sometimes expert advice is what is needed to put the cream on the cake!

 Keep a competitive spirit flowing with leaderboards 

The progress of each hackathon team can be displayed on a virtual leaderboard by tracking points in real-time and in multiple stages. This keeps the competitive spirit alive throughout the hackathon and spurns the teams on.

Create a virtual stage to showcase each team’s work

Last but not least – the grand finale – teams can display their prototypes on a virtual stage at the culmination of the event allowing all to see the fruits of their labour. This is accomplished through live streaming, so Judges and audiences from around the globe can participate in real-time.

The Virtual Event platform that beats them all 

If there had been a hackathon to create a great virtual event platform, no doubt the Virtual Event platform, designed for the South African events industry, would rank amongst the best in the world. 

We live in an age of doing business in a virtual world and Events Coordinators are finding out that through utilising a great Virtual Event platform either for a virtual event or a Hybrid event combining virtual and live participation, they can still thrive. Talk to us and let us assist you to hold a heck of a hackathon – and so much more!

Stay safe – stay virtual!



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