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Virtual Event Speakers – how to make them shine!

Assuming that you no longer need to be convinced that Virtual Events are here to stay and that you have treated yourself to purchasing a great Virtual Event management platform, you will also know it is essential to get your Virtual Event Speakers to shine!

One of the great advantages of doing Virtual Events is the massive cost savings on things like travel, accommodation, venues, staging etc. that you would incur in a live event. This frees up budget for you to provide better content, your biggest drawcard in a Virtual Event. The best part of your content will usually be your keynote and other speakers, so they must be an attraction, fully prepared and comfortable in the virtual arena.

Plan ahead and back it up

When booking a Speaker, ensure that they either have had some experience in presenting for Virtual Events or that you give them all they need to be fully prepared. Ask to see their previous Virtual presentation work and if it looks less than satisfactory, or you have managed to get a great Speaker but they have not done this before, then give them the full rundown on what they will need and what they need to do.

Check that they have a good mike and internet connection if they are to live stream and definitely do a few live streaming ‘dry runs’ with them to ensure that they have got it right. NB – You are well-advised, no matter how well you have prepared them, to record the presentation in advance and have it loaded to your system as a backup.

Choose the Virtual Event management system

These are simply preparations but to make your Speaker really shine, certain technical aids will greatly assist you. These are to found in the Virtual Event management system partnered with Hubilo, one of the world’s pioneers in this field. Here are a few of the advantages…

Rehearsal opportunities

As in any live event, a Speaker will have the opportunity to utilise the platform for a rehearsal or ‘dry run’, familiarising him or herself with the workings. This helps them to get comfortable and is invaluable especially for those not well versed in this format.

Support structures 

The successful facilitation and assistance of a Speaker so they really shine entails a crew of support people who assist the Speaker and ensure technical matters are handled quickly and effectively.

The Speaker Manager liaises with the Speaker from the outset, advising on support material, ensuring they are prepared and managing their scheduling throughout the event. The Technical Crew ensure that the Speaker is not left with egg on his face if any internet connections or other technical issue arise.

Moderators and Q&A

The Moderator generally is like the MC at a live event. They are the show anchors, transitioning one Speaker to the next – and this is often done through facilitating Q&A sessions.

Live Q&A sessions facilitated by the Speakers themselves are a highlight of any Virtual Event and this is really well enhanced on the Virtual Event management platform. It includes Chatbots that field questions while the speaker is presenting too.

Tip of an awesome iceberg

This article on how to make your speakers shine is important as your Speakers will, especially in the case of Virtual Events, really be the highlight of your offering. There is however a myriad of other incredible features of the Virtual Event platform and these can be reviewed on our website.

Contact us to find out more about Virtual Events, the Virtual Event platform and the many ways we can assist you to transition into the future of the events industry.



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