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VR, AR and Generation Z will totally change events in 2022 and beyond!

Welcome to 2022! Just as you may have finally been getting your head around Virtual Event technology being a new key role player in the events industry, be prepared for your mind to be blown again by new revelations that will turn the industry even further on its head in 2022 and beyond.

Hubilo, international pioneers of virtual event technology and the platform which our South African Virtual Event platform is cloned, constantly remain on the cutting edge of this technology and on global trends for events, whether they be in-person, virtual or hybrid.

They have released a fascinating document that enlightens us on what some of these advancements may be and we will be focussing our first few articles of the new year on these revelations. To begin with, we need to accept that just as we saw massive changes when the millennials became the new workforce, so it will be with their juniors, Generation Z. 

A massive 55% of Gen Z when interviewed said that they would like to see more interactive streamed content like movies and TV shows and so they would want to use Virtual and Augmented reality whenever it becomes available in events of the future.  

This means less focus on the kind of formats we see in events today centred around speaker presentations. Like it or not, VR, AR and Generation Z will totally change events in 2022 and beyond!

Who is Generation Z?

To host any successful event you need to know your audience, so who are generation Z? What do we know about them? Well, here are a few useful facts…

They like informality and not convention, they hate ads and a better way to reach them is through communicative stories and visual material. Many of them just skip ads or even use ad blockers! They are more visual because their attention span is very short – about 8 seconds – so you need to reach them instantly and keep them entertained.

Some pertinent percentages 

51% of Gen Z want face-to-face interaction, 61% want to see real people and not celebrities in ads. This preference for the real extends to 76% who are concerned about the environment and an astounding 90% of Gen Z users in the USA use ‘Snapchat!’

Partnering with the business that keeps ‘PACE’ with international trends

Virtual Event, one of the most innovative and always up to date virtual event platforms is affiliated with the events company ‘PACE’ who have themselves been exponents of V.R and A.R in events for many years. Contact us today to get this kind of experience and expertise on your side the next time you want to run a Virtual or hybrid event. You too can be abreast of the latest technologies and trends and learn more on exactly how to leverage this for your business – so watch this space!



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