Introducing the “Best Streaming Experience” for your virtual events!

  • Host your entire event from Hubilo, with no dependency on external streaming platforms
  • Provide ultimate control to your hosts and speakers to moderate a session and engage their audience
  • Backstage to manage speakers and to practice before going live, privately chat with your guests 
  • Host 12 speakers & screens simultaneously, bring any speaker or screen in live focus

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Multi-event analytics provides event organizers a complete picture of all their events in one place which in turn unlocks valuable insights and helps them make informed decisions.

  • Get a real-time view of all your events together, track all the event registrations, sessions being conducted, meetings scheduled, event sponsors & exhibitors, etc.
  • Get real-time insights on attendee engagement like how are they engaging, how are they interacting with exhibitors, how are they networking, etc.
  • Get real-time data on tickets being sold, revenue being generated, average revenue per attendee, country-wise revenue details and so much more.

Eliminate the hassle of creating and managing multiple login credentials for your events, now unify all your event logins by enabling single sign-on (SSO).

  • Enable SSO for login authentication, to centralize and simplify the user experience, while controlling the access to your multiple events.
  • Enable greater security and compliance for your event, choose the level of authentication for every event you host.
  • Ensure only people from your organization who have access permission join your event meetings and sessions.
  • Choose between Google SSO, SAML, ADFS, Azure, SAML, onelogin, okta, vmware, or OpenID based SSO authentications.

Seamlessly integrate and sync all your event registration data from Hubilo to your Salesforce account.

  • Export your event registration data automatically from Hubilo to your Salesforce account.
  • Manage your attendee engagement and leads generated data from your event directly on Salesforce.
  • Unlocks valuable insights from your event data and easily demonstrates ROI for your event.

Don’t let language become a barrier in hosting an engaging event. Use Interprefy to translate your virtual event sessions hosted on Hubilo into multiple languages and make your event accessible to a diverse group of global attendees.

  • Host a truly multilingual event, invite attendees and speakers from across the globe and deliver your event content in multiple languages.
  • Let the session speaker present in their native language and let the event attendees listen in their language of choice.
  • Get real-time language interpretation compatible across web and mobile with full support from Hubilo and Interprefy teams.

Selling ad spaces to various brands has been one of the biggest sources of revenue for physical event organizers, with Sponsored Ads we are taking this a step ahead for virtual events.

  • Event exhibitors & sponsors can get even more visibility & generate more leads through strategic ad placement (reception, agenda, meetings, and contests, etc.) across the platform.
  • Opens up many new sponsorships and revenue streams for event organizers.
  • Provides advertising opportunities for brands who might not have a presence at the event.
  • Clickable sponsored banners & logos provide concrete evidence on the ROI.
  • 24/7 visibility can be provided and continued even after the live event is over.
  • Separate ad placement options for different sponsors help organizers to accommodate numerous sponsors and even leverage tiered sponsorship packages based on ad placement.
  • Detailed tracking of data in the form of unique clicks and impressions garnered for each ad in the different sections, along with the respective attendee details.
  • Exportable data files that can be reviewed even after the event is over and shared with sponsors & exhibitors.
  • Clickable ads with the flexibility to define the CTA path and lead attendees to sections within the virtual event platform (e.g. an exhibitor booth) or outside (e.g. to a website, Play Store, etc.).
  • Event exhibitors & sponsors can redirect attendees to their offering pages, downloadable assets, shopping links, app downloads, branded virtual photo booths and so much more. 
  • Event organizers can promote upcoming events or redirect attendees to on-demand content.

Attendee feedback and inputs during and after an event can be a valuable source of insights but can be quite challenging to collect. Now with Event & Session Surveys, you can effortlessly create surveys and get feedback from your event attendees.

  • Create all kinds of surveys from general event surveys to session-specific surveys.
  • Have surveys in the form of Q&A, multiple options, ratings, yes-no type, and more.
  • Choose segment-wise (attendees, exhibitor, speakers) visibility of surveys and easily schedule them before, during, or after a session/ event.
  • With full customization options, easily add a set of questions, choose from multiple options provided or make certain questions mandatory.
  • Choose multiple survey response formats like text, date, dropdown, checkbox, rating, file upload, and more.
  • Track each response in real-time and easily export survey data from your dashboard.
  • Be creative and use surveys in multiple ways as required, from conducting quizzes to gauging interest about a new offering to generating leads.

Virtual Event new product updates – Feb 2021

As successful as we were in 2020 and now with a solid long term partnership with international company and Virtual Events pioneers Hubilo, we are proud of our Virtual Event platform, specifically adapted to local specifications and requirements.

We are always in tune with your suggestions and our techno whiz kids are always creating new and better ways to make Virtual Events easier, more effective and more streamlined.

Here are a handful of new product updates, assuring you that Virtual Event is always on the cutting edge of the latest Virtual Event platform technologies…

Multi-window multitasking capabilities

We have no doubt this will prove to be a winner in 2021 as delegates will now be able to stay in touch with their businesses and remain engaged with the event at the same time – without switching screens!

The multi-window view is possible through our new Picture in Picture (PIP) technology which gives you a multi-window viewing capability. For example, go to attend to your e-mails without losing touch with what’s happening in the event.

Simply click on the PIP icon at the bottom of the screen to activate this multiscreen functionality. No more losing attendees disengaging to do office work whilst your event is taking place!

Simpler booking of a 1 on 1 meeting

We have simplified and created a more seamless flow of the process of booking meetings with fellow attendees. You no longer need to go through the previously tedious process.

Attendees can directly view a fellow attendees profile and see vacant meeting time availabilities. With an already typed message (which can be altered) a meeting booking could not be simpler.

Chat sessions – upvote questions

Now instead of repeating the same questions in chat sessions, attendees can upvote a question asked by a fellow attendee. This helps to streamline chat sessions.

Delegates simply need to use the upvote button which is located below each chat message to assist hosts, moderators and the Speakers to address the most important queries first.

Chat sessions – Pin messages 

Moderators, Session hosts and Speakers will now be able to pin important messages in the chat sessions that they see so that they can refer to them even after several more messages have occurred.

This allows them to highlight certain announcements or comments even when operating in in real-time and the pinned messages can be unpinned too to allow for the pinning of others.

Join Speaker sessions live

Dynamic new Speaker profiles will allow attendees to view their upcoming sessions and immediately join a session that is happening live!

Whilst visiting the Speaker profile attendees can simply press the ‘Join session’ and join the action live directly from the Speaker profile!

Instant ‘new attendees’ notification drives engagement

Now instead of delegates having to scroll through the attendee’s list to see who is attending the event a ‘new attendees’ button allows delegates to find out immediately who has just joined.

This really drives engagement as it shows attendees immediately who is entering the session and entices more 1 to 1 contact opportunities.

You can learn all you need to know about our latest technology offerings and all existing platform functionality by simply contacting us to get advice and guidance.

Constantly reinventing ourselves to create ultimate Virtual Events

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