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Why Events Organisers will use Virtual Events post Covid-19

Since the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic Events Organisers for the most part have had a hard time of things. Some have simply given up and gone out of business, but some, knowing about the technological breakthroughs that have been made in the holding of virtual events, have harnessed this power and continued to succeed.

Some, have said, ‘’oh well I’ll just do something else until events can be held in person’’ but the reality is that so successful have virtual events been as a replacement for live events that Events Organisers will be using Virtual Events long past Covid-19! Here are a few reasons why…

Viruses are here to stay 

As Events Co-ordinators, it would be naive to assume that once Covid-19 has passed there will be no more viruses and in-person events will no longer be affected by such things. Covid-19 was simply an extension of the SARS virus and it is clear that these viruses continue to re-invent themselves no matter what we do.

There will, for a long time, be concerns by many about health and safety issues and many will simply no longer want to attend mass gatherings no matter what form they come in or what precautions are undertaken. There will also be an element of anti-vaccinators that simply will not be permitted to travel as a result of not being vaccinated.

Events Organisers will not be able to simply exclude these people and this is why it is predicted that smaller events may remain entirely virtual and even large events will be hybrid events – combining Virtual Event platforms and in-person gatherings.

Cost factors

Many businesses have changed their infrastructure forever as a result of having to have become more virtually savvy due to the pandemic. Many will never have the offices they used to have and will have at least a certain portion of staff working remotely, simply because they have seen how much money can be saved from doing so.

Similarly, having seen how successful virtual events can be, some will never return to in-person events again. The cost savings from travel, accommodation, security companies, staging facilities, hosting international Speakers etc. are just too great to ignore and will become a significant factor in the decision to keep holding Virtual Events even when live ones are an option. 

Virtual Event advantages 

Add to these factors some of the significant advantages that have emanated from the utilisation of good virtual event platforms like S.A’s own Virtual Event, and it’s clear that, if not entirely virtual, all future events will at least be hybrid. These are factors like digital technologies that can streamline any event, do efficient monitoring of attendee reactions and give accurate statistics on the efficacy and success of the event etc.

Last but not least, and probably the most significant reason that Events Organisers will use Virtual Events post Covid-19, is that the international reach of any event has been multiplied significantly through the holding of events of this nature. 

You don’t need to take our word for it though. Why not book a demo for yourself with Virtual Event? – or contact us to find out all you need to know. Most importantly, as an Events Organiser, look into this before you decide to throw in the towel. Thanks to Virtual Event the world of successful events, large or small has NOT gotten worse – it is simply on the threshold of being bigger and better than ever before! 



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