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Why Virtual Events will continue to trend in 2022

They say the most commonly uttered phrases in the last 2 years have been ‘’Can you hear me?’’ and ‘’you are on mute!’’ This is a humorous take on what has been a truly trying time for many, but it does reflect the enormous role that technology has played in keeping people communicating. Not only has this been shown in meetings and family get-togethers in the social space (in some cases with people you never had contact with before) but also it has been of vital importance in business.

A part of this new technology has been the emergence of incredible virtual event technology that has enabled events of every kind to be held from a central platform and joined by people in their homes throughout the globe. From the smallest meeting to full-scale exhibitions, the business world has remained in communication, still building networks and able to market their products and services. We believe there are several reasons why Virtual Events will continue to trend in 2022. Here are a few of them… 

Communication will continue to be king

Regardless of whatever the COVID-19 pandemic throws at us, and unfortunately due to the continual emergence of new variants it appears that it is going to still be with us for some time, we will still have to communicate and market our businesses. Face to face virtual events may not have the same ambience as in-person events but it is a cost-effective and useful alternative. 

Work from home is the new norm

Talking of ‘cost effective,’ many businesses have come to realise that work from home setups can save on time and money and this is likely to be the ‘new norm’ in 2022. Events of every kind therefore can include those working from home if they are held virtually.

Companies prefer wider reach and cost savings

Companies have also come to learn that the cost savings of holding online events are also enormous. Not having to pay for venues, travel, accommodation staging and security are just some of the enormous savings of holding virtual events. Also, due to these kinds of cost savings, national and international partners can be invited to the events and from a marketing point of view too, a virtual event has a far wider reach!

International presenters are more affordable

International Speakers and presenters too can be invited to the events of even much smaller organisations because without all these travel costs they are far more affordable when live streamed or recorded for an event. With a Virtual Event platform, Q&A, live interaction and polls too can be held when these celebrity speakers are present.

The sky is the limit

As technology advances (and 2022 promises to be a massive year of technological advancements) these virtual event platforms will get even more sophisticated making virtual more popular than ever. The sky is the limit and you need only contact us to learn more or book a demo to find out for yourself why Virtual Events will continue to trend in 2022!

Stay safe – stay connected – and stay virtual!



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