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Why Virtual Events will replace many live ones in 2021

As we go into 2021 we are still facing many of the challenges that Covid-19 has posed to business throughout 2020. Unfortunately, a second wave of the virus has swept the globe and this has even included new strains in South Africa and the U.K. 

This just means that we still need to rethink the way we work and do business. One of the positive things that have come from this, however, is the emergence of ‘Virtual Events’ which are now being seen as the ‘new normal’ in terms of holding events during such restrictive times, but they are also proving to be a better alternative to live events in many respects.

For those of you who are not yet convinced of this, here are a few solid reasons why (apart from the obvious safety aspects) Virtual Events will replace many live ones in 2021…

Greater reach

The internet and Social media have opened up the entire world to everyone and this can only be fully taken advantage of through Virtual Event platforms. 

Online events have a distinct advantage of being attended by anyone anywhere in the world, regardless of distance or cost. Events that were previously only attended by South African delegates due to affordability and available accommodation can now, with the same extensive benefits, be attended by internationals all over the globe.

This also means greater networking opportunities for local delegates. Networks are being rapidly extended through meeting international counterparts in these Virtual events with the use of features like 1:1 chat, group chat, virtual breakout rooms, networking lounges and private face-to-face meeting options. This is all available in Virtual events and a boon to growing bespoke networks. 

Engagement in the event 

One need not worry about online attendees not becoming and remaining engaged with the event either. Facebook-like event feeds can help keep all delegates constantly in touch with what is happening throughout the event so everyone is retained and fully engaged. 

Gamification and virtual competitions and leaderboards all help enhance this too. Also, live and pre-recorded educational opportunities from the event presenters are available with full live interaction and Q and A. Nobody feels like they are just watching a video!

Measurability through digital data management 

Without any doubt, the data collected at any event is the real measure of its success and we all know how vital it is to know that the event was a worthwhile exercise. 

From the sale of tickets and revenue generated throughout the event – to attending delegate’s demographics, behaviour and preferences, live event analytics and lead generation data can all be accurately recorded, stored and analysed by Virtual Event platforms.

The bottom line is R.O.I and with Virtual Events this is far more accurately measurable.

Massive cost savings

Which leads us to the last but probably most important reason Virtual Events will replace many live ones in 2021 – they are simply far more cost-effective. At a time when the bottom line is critical, huge cost savings can be made on holding Virtual Events without compromising the efficacy of the exercise.

These include factors like saving on travel and accommodation costs for the delegates themselves, but also huge organiser’s costs like venues, staging, equipment, security and savings on Speakers and Presenters too who charge considerably less for online presentations. 

Choose the Virtual Event platform that makes it happen

Even Virtual events, as new as they may be in their now very sophisticated stage of development, are competitive so it is essential that you choose the best Virtual Event Company for your event.

VIRTUAL EVENT has recently signed a partnership with Hubilo, international pioneers of the Virtual Events industry, to ensure we provide the ultimate Virtual events platform for every type of event.

Contact us for all the advice you need to get your company launched into this exciting new events format, regardless of the size or specific requirements of your next VIRTUAL EVENT!



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